Unoccupied positions

Unoccupied positions: R&D quality control engineer

Number: 1

Time: 2015.11.12 to 2016.12.31

Location: Yueqing

Academic requirement: junior college or above

Working experience: more than 2 years

Introduction to the position:

1. Responsible for R&D programs’ input conformance and design conformance alteration;

2. Responsible for the conformance of R&D units’ program development and design process;

3. Responsible for the correctness of ordered products’ publicity materials

  4. Responsible for the feedbacks of unqualified programs’ development and design process and tracking the alteration process and later certification.

  5. Help the sample (outside) testing work

  6. Finish any tasks given by leaders.


1. Master the products’ R&D process and certification.

2. Understand instrument and meter’s product structure, testing standard, technology indicators and testing methods.

3. Able to skillfully use office software and master PLM, auto-CAD and their testing methods.

4. Over 2 years’ working experience in testing instrument and meter, relative program or management is required. Working experience in instrument and meter factory is especially favorable.